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English Email Writing Course for Beginners

 About Course
    Writing professional emails in English can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for those whose English is not their first language. In this course, you will learn to write clearer, more professional emails in English in order to communicate more effectively and to avoid miscommunication. This course aims to reduce stress and burden in composing emails in English and to write more compelling emails overall.
  • TO 1: Explain the structure of an email (Subject line, salutation, message/body, closing, sign off, signature block and how to write them appropriately
  • TO 2: Explain the 6 strategies of writing emails to communicate effectively
  • TO 3: Explain the “Dos and don’ts” in email writing, writing emails in Thailand
  • TO 4: Email patterns and cheat sheet for acknowledgment, invitation, gratitude, apology, complaint, reminder, etc
 Target Group
  • The public and specific target (This course is designed fort staff members and the general public, especially those who lack confidence in composing emails in English.)
  • Total online learning hours 12 hrs.
  • Self-paced
  • Every academic year
  • The results are measured and assessed through the post-test of 100 points. Students must achieve a total score of 70% or more to be able to obtain the Certificate.

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