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Gender Issues and Gender Representation in Thailand

 About Course
    Focus is on gender in Thailand. Gender issues and gender representation in Thailand. Inequality between men and women in Thailand. Rights guaranteed by law. Actual treatment of women. Lower status in workplace and in public space. Human trafficking, sex work, physical and psychological violence. Treatment of LGBT+ in Thailand. Rights of LGBT+. Inequality in law.
  • TO 1: Introduction to the concept of gender in Thailand
  • TO 2: Diversities of genders in Thailand
  • TO 3: History of women in Thailand
  • TO 4: Social and Cultural issues that lead to gender inequality in Thailand
  • TO 5: Gender exploitation in Thailand
  • TO 6: Gender representation in politics, economics, culture and religion in Thailand
  • TO 7: Human rights violations based on gender in Thailand
  • TO 8: LGBTQ+ rights in reality
  • TO 9: Protection of LGBTIQ+ Rights in Thai law
  • TO 10: Thailand’s Implementation of The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
 Target Group
  • MU students & The public
  • Total online learning hours 12 hrs.
  • Self-paced
  • Every academic year
  • The results are measured and assessed through the post-test of 100 points. Students must achieve a total score of 70% or more to be able to obtain the Certificate.

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