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Understanding Feminism

 About Course
    ‘Feminism’ is a term that has been universally misunderstood. People often equate Feminism to misandry and accuse feminists for manipulating gender for their personal benefits. This course is aimed at getting a proper understanding of what Feminism is and the relevance of Feminism in today’s world. The experiences of gender, race, class and sexuality affect everyone irrespective of their identity and Feminism strives for equality for all genders. Through this course, students understand Feminism as a movement as well as an ideology. It also helps understand how Feminism evolved from focusing only on women’s rights to an ideology that focuses on inclusion.
  • TO 1: Understanding the true meaning of Feminism
  • TO 2: Knowledge of Feminism as a movement and ideology
  • TO 3: Awareness and understanding regarding misconceptions on Feminism
  • TO 4: Understanding why patriarchy is not beneficial not only to women but also men and all genders
  • TO 5: Understanding the importance of inclusion in Feminism
 Target Group
  • Undergraduate students
  • Total online learning hours 12 hrs.
  • Self-paced
  • Every academic year
  • The results are measured and assessed through the post-test of 100 points. Students must achieve a total score of 70% or more to be able to obtain the Certificate.

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