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Business Communication: Concepts and Application

About Course

          Business Communication: Concepts and Application, Thailand Perspective, has been designed to provide support for those who would like to improve their communication skills in business. This is a wide audience. This course will be particularly useful for higher education students who fail to achieve a comprehensive understanding about their communication skills.




            ·       To comprehend the essential concepts in business communication; 

            ·       To master effectiveness written communication skills in business settings;

            ·       To master effective oral communication skills in business settings; and

            ·       To analyze cultural influences on business communication  


Target Group

  • Teaching Methods : Self-study
  • Target group : Students, Public
  • Level of course content : Moderate
  • Type of Course : General Education



  • Number of hours : 12
  • Number of hours per week : 4
  • Number of credits : None



  • The results are measured and assessed through the post-test of 100 points. Students must score a total score of 70% or more to be able to obtain the Certificate.



Xiaoxia Wei 
    Business Administration Division